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Fasting for Your Blood Test

In order to ensure test accuracy, you may be asked to take a "fasting blood test." Patients should avoid eating and drinking after midnight of the previous day, or 8 hours prior to your blood draw. You may drink water, but it is important to avoid any other beverage. If you are taking medications it is usually recommended to continue as normal prior to your blood test, unless you have been otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider.

The most common tests that require fasting include:

· Lipid Test (cholesterol, triglycerides & HDL)

· Glucose Test

· Vitamin K

· Vitamin A

Going without food and drink for long periods of time may make you feel light-headed or give you a headache, we highly recommend that you schedule your blood draw as early as possible in the morning. We also recommend that you bring food and/or beverage with you so that you can eat/drink as soon as your blood draw is completed.

It can be overwhelming to get a true understanding of what your lab report is telling you, and easy to forget what your Healthcare Provider has explained to you during an appointment. We are committed to empowering you to understand your test results so that you can make informed decisions with your Doctors and Practitioners. The AACC is a professional organization that provides a wealth of information in clinical laboratory science. They have developed a sample of a lab report which gives a thorough explanation on how to decipher a blood test report...
Medical Bills and Insurance statements can be confusing to read. We would like for you to have a full understanding of what you are responsible for, and what your insurance is responsible for. If you have received a statement and have a question, we encourage you to contact our billing representatives. If you are currently experience a financial hardship, please call us to make arrangements for your outstanding balance. We are here to help, 973-810-4141.

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If you have received a statement and have a question, we encourage you to contact our billing representatives.


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MetroDX Labs offers medical laboratory services. Our state of the art laboratory features test performance on the latest technological analyzers in the marketplace. Our test menu includes chemistries, special chemistries, hematology, and offers an array of specialized testing panels to diagnosis specific illnesses. In today's volatile healthcare climate, we are committed to partnering with Doctors to bring accurate, reliable and understandable test results to patients.

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We team up with Medical Practices to deliver the very best in medical service. Our board members include medical practice administrators who are in touch with the demands of running an efficient medical practice and maintaining compliance guidelines. Additionally, we understand the need to provide affordable health solutions to all patients, regardless of their socioeconomic status. With this awareness we are able to service medical providers and patients with the absolute highest level of quality care.

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We work side by side Doctors & Healthcare Practitioners within their offices to ensure accurate and expedited lab test results. This increases effective communication, patient privacy, and fast, reliable test results. We are committed to improving health conditions and providing resources that educate and empower patients on their journey towards good health. We offer proven servicing solutions to Doctors and their staff which enables them to deliver superior patient care.

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