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    Welcome to Metro DX Labs
    Metro Dx Labs believes that the key to a successful partnership is based on health care providers, employers, patients and their families to work together so that informed decisions can be made. We offer a broad spectrum of clinical and diagnostic pathology services,designed to provide physicians, and their patients with the most fast and accurate meaningful results.

Your Partner in making Informed Decisions

At Metro Dx Labs, we welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to reach out to us for additional information.

Why choose Us?

What We Do.Because we are Reliable.

MetroDX Labs offers medical laboratory services. Our state of the art laboratory features test performance on the latest technological analyzers in the marketplace. Our test menu includes chemistries, special chemistries, hematology, and offers an array of specialized testing panels to diagnosis specific illnesses. In today's volatile healthcare climate, we are committed to partnering with Doctors to bring accurate, reliable and understandable test results to patients.

Why choose Us?

Who We Are.To Redefine your Brand.

We team up with Medical Practices to deliver the very best in medical service. Our board members include medical practice administrators who are in touch with the demands of running an efficient medical practice and maintaining compliance guidelines. Additionally, we understand the need to provide affordable health solutions to all patients, regardless of their socioeconomic status. With this awareness we are able to service medical providers and patients with the absolute highest level of quality care.

Why choose Us?

Why Choose Us?Make our Customers Happy.

We work side by side Doctors & Healthcare Practitioners within their offices to ensure accurate and expedited lab test results. This increases effective communication, patient privacy, and fast, reliable test results. We are committed to improving health conditions and providing resources that educate and empower patients on their journey towards good health. We offer proven servicing solutions to Doctors and their staff which enables them to deliver superior patient care.


We Are the medical Diagnostic Testing Experts

When there is so much information available at the tip of everyone’s fingers, how can anyone tell what is right for them? One of Metro Dx Labs core strengths is in our ability to partner with physicians, employers and patients to not only provide the most up-to-date information but to also provide a more effective method to deliver efficient and cost effective patient care.

"Metro DX Proud To be your Partner"


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Customer Testimonails

In the hyper-competitive world of private health care, it is critical to get one's message out in a polished and professional manner. Alan and Jose at Generator afford us that opportunity. Always creative, never late. At Metro Dx Labs we are proud to have these professionals in our corner when the bell rings!

Norman Greene, MD
Customer Testimonails

“Metro Dx labs is a great, reliable contract laboratory. They exhibited great technical proficiency and tailored the test protocols to our specific samples. The customer service was exceptional as well. They worked with us to accommodate our timelines despite receiving a portion of the test samples last minute.”

Barbara Nelson, APN

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